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Bahamas – How to Save on Visit to an Expensive Destination

Bahamas – How to Save on Visit to an Expensive Destination

The picturesque beaches of The Bahamas make it a hugely popular destination for millions of tourists from around the world every year. Travelers from the United States and cruise ship visitors particularly outnumber the scores of tourists visiting this stunning Caribbean destination. A wide array of natural, cultural and historical attractions is ready to welcome those visiting here. The growing popularity of The Bahamas with honeymooners, cruise ships, and those wanting to spend their vacations in beautiful resorts here, has made this amazing Caribbean island an expensive destination.

Most tourists head to The Bahamas expecting to spend a lot of money on their vacation. But, other tourists who don’t have enough to spend on their trip also ponder whether The Bahamas is affordable or not. Here’s what you need to know all about The Bahamas before planning your trip.

Lodging is expensive in The Bahamas. This means that you be prepared to spend a good deal on your accommodation. However, there are affordable lodging options as well. There are a few reasonably-priced hostels, guest houses and budget hotels as well. So, don’t worry! If you are tight on budget, you can still enjoy your vacations in The Bahamas.

Food doesn’t come cheap here. There are many restaurants in The Bahamas specializing in British and American meals that might well cost you between $15 and $25 per plate. However, there are few restaurants that are cheap as well. For a plate of fish, a side dish and dessert you might have to pay around $8. You should be also aware that you will have to pay a compulsory service charge of 15 percent that usually comes along with your food bill.

If you love consuming alcohol, then you might have to spend more on your favorite alcoholic beverage. Alcohol is expensive in The Bahamas. You may switch over to rum or local beer, Kalik or Sands. These won’t cost you much and get you a good kick as well.

Transportation cost might also mount if you are not careful or well-informed beforehand. If you are staying in Nassau or Freeport, consider taking a minibus as it is the cheapest mode of transport here. However, the minibuses stops plying at 6 pm. Boats are also a cheap mode of transportation. These are usually available every hour. You may also consider taking inter-island flights via Bahamas Air or other low cost carriers. These will save you time and also not much expensive.

If you are planning to visit nightclubs, it will be always good for you to get a discount pass offered by many hotels and even taxi drivers. The pass will get you cheaper and easier access into the nightclubs. Frequenting nightclubs on a weekend is costly, and the discount pass surely helps you to save.

Try following these valuable tips, and just see how your vacation to The Bahamas becomes enjoyable and memorable.