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Maldives Holidays: Live and Love Your Life on Kuramathi

Maldives Holidays: Live and Love Your Life on Kuramathi

Kuramathi Island in the Maldives is a genuine trailblazer.

It was one of the first to welcome tourists some decades ago and certainly played a large part in making the Maldives the tourism powerhouse that it is today.

An island 2km long with villas generously spaced over its length and breadth, Kuramathi is an ideal spot for all types of romantic getaways. Whether it is a couple experiencing the first flush of love or two already joined in holy matrimony, Kuramathi’s romantic aesthetic may well entice couples to take the plunge or perhaps do it all over again.

The expanse of the island and its seemingly deserted beaches lends itself to worldly romance – a place where love could truly be said to be all around.

Otherwise, if romance is not necessarily the desire uppermost in mind and other diversions are required, a range of other activities, no less enthralling than love, are close to hand.

It wouldn’t be the Maldives if diving didn’t get a mention and in this respect Kuramathi Island is no exception. If undersea adventure is called for, two diving schools are located on the island, one for the novice and the other for more seasoned performers. In the unlikely event that it was ever required, the island also has its very own medical centre which is home to a state-of-the-art decompression (Hyperbaric) chamber.

Activities of a slightly more relaxing nature can be found in Kuramathi’s deep turquoise lagoon where an adventurous day of fun-filled catamaran cruises and wake boarding awaits those seeking water sport entertainment. Like the island’s diving opportunities, all levels of proficiency are catered for so that guests can take part in windsurfing, catamaran sailing or kayaking.

And that’s not all folks. For extra thrills and spills, other water sports such as water skiing, jet skiing, catamaran sailing, fun-tube riding, banana rides, windsurfing, and paragliding are there to enjoy. Land sports of course get a look-in with beach volleyball and tennis (regular and table variety) amongst the favourite pastimes on the island. Otherwise, for guests simply wishing to stay in shape with a minimum of effort, a visit to sample the healthy benefits of a sauna is an obvious port of call.

Excursions available in and around Kuramathi and to neighbouring islands include some with invitingly titles trips like Island Hopping, Snorkelling Safari, Sunset Cruise, and Coral Romance.

A leisure pursuit on Kuramathi which embodies the resort’s attitude towards environmental concerns is that of Big Game Fishing. Whilst popular with tourists, there is a tag and release policy in place on the island as regards Big Game Fishing and as far as Night Fishing is concerned, this is not an option.

This noble concern for the environment was recently exemplified by the receipt of a Travelife Gold Award in recognition of the island’s work towards achieving its corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals. The award celebrates action taken towards the protection of flora and fauna, the consistent monitoring of the island’s ecosystem, environmental awareness programs, waste management, and a regular dialogue with the local community.

All these activities are overseen by Kuramathi’s Eco Centre, a focal point for the protection of the environment on the island and a welcome source of employment and business opportunities. All in all, Kuramathi takes its CSR responsibilities seriously, and this, in all likelihood, is the major reason for its longevity as a top drawer tourist attraction in this part of the world.

Kuramathi Island is a place to live your life and love your life. The variety of choice to be found here – its range of villas, top class cuisine, state-of-the-art facilities, and diversity of activities – all combine to create an unforgettable Maldives holiday experience for tourists.